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Cartridge Recycle Center
Saving the Planet One Cartridge at a Time!

About Cartridge Recycle Center

Our team has been recycling printer cartridges since 1988 and has a collective 85 years of knowledge.  We are a locally owned company based out of Puyallup Washington.  We recyle new/used ink/toner printer cartridges and used cell phones.  We recycle tens of thousands of cartridges monthly.  We are a very conscious and responsible company that recycles everything possible;

  • The cartridge itself gets sorted and then recycled
  • The box that the cartridge comes in gets recycled or reused for a different purpose
  • The instructions get recycled
  • The cardboard end caps that hold the cartridge, the Styrofoam that may hold the cartridge, the other packing material in the box all get recycled

We are a warehouse that sorts hundreds of types of cartridges then sells the used cartridges to companies that refill each cartridge who then offers them back in to the market place as a recycled cartridge as an alternative to buying the brand new original cartridge.  Recycled cartridges can save the consumer up to 50% of what a brand new original cartridges may cost.

Most cartridges have value and we pay for those cartridges

  • Supporting Our Community and Local Economy
  • Member of Washington State Recycle Association
  • State of Washington Recycling Contractor
  • Supporting Children’s Hospital and Children’s Miracle Network
  • Supporting Goodwill Industries Retraining Programs
  • Focused on Reducing the Overall Carbon Footprint and Practicing Sustainable Environmental Responsibility