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Business Opportunity

Thank you for visiting our website! Here we will breakdown the basics of how recycling ink and toner cartridges can be as profitable as you want to make it. With our combined 80 years of experience we know the industry inside and out. Every business and almost every household prints these days and that requires a lot of paper and depending on their machine(s) a lot of toner and ink cartridges. Just about every company out there from the biggest brands to the smallest has cartridges that have value as a recyclable consumer product.

We have several options available on how to run a successful printer cartridge recycling business that can fit your budget or interest level. 

Option 1: $1500 HOW TO BUY AND SELL
With this business option we will show you the basics of how a printer cartridge recycling company works and how other people’s garbage can make you money.

Option 2: $5000 BASIC INDUSTRY
At this level we will show you the fundamentals of how to run any/a business effectively. As well as how the toner and ink industry works.

The idea here with this level is to give you access to specialized resources so your new business can grow and be profitable as soon as possible.

Option 4: $30,000 MAXIMIZE PROFITS
Here we will share not only our knowledge and expertise with you, but work directly alongside you to expand your business and profit faster. If you choose this option we will provide an up close x-ray view of our company with access to our current vendors and customers.

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