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Cartridge Recycle Center
Saving the Planet One Cartridge at a Time!

Welcome to Cartridge Recycle Center!

Cartridge Recycle Center is a Washington state family owned and operated company that has been in the recycling business since 1985. Our one and only goal is to keep America beautiful by removing as much printing products/by products from our country’s landfills as possible.

We are currently the largest recycler of printer cartridges in the Northwest thanks to our partnerships with some of the region’s largest corporations and charities. On the national scale we deal with well known schools and business in a variety of different industries across the U.S. From these many sources of cartridges we are able to gather tens of thousands of ink and toner cartridges each month that we then in turn resell on to be remanufactured and reused again.

Most consumers and unfortunately a large portion of company that print on massive scales every month do not know that toner or ink cartridges can be recycled and especially where they can be recycled to. With this combination of factors a significant quantity of toner and ink cartridges just get throw away and end up in the landfill. The problem here is that no ink or toner cartridge is biodegradable in the slightest so the amount in our country’s landfills just increase exponentially each year.

If you would like to join us on this journey head on over to the Opportunities page and see how you can get started recycling on your own. We have several options available than can fit your budget and/or interest level.

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Cartridge Recycle Center

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